The Vienna NeoFax Medical Assistant

The Project

The basic aim of VIE-Nmed is the support of drug prescription for sick newborn infants. It is designed to show information about drugs and their proper prescription with the help of an easy to use interface. Dosage calculations are suppported by utilizing an intelligent "dosage calculator".

VIE-Nmed is composed of mainly two subsystems:


NeoFax shows information about a Generic Drug for each of the following fields: An additional field has been added to allow for placing comments:

Drugs used at the clinic (Commercial Drugs)

This subsystem provides information about drug prescription rules of a specific clinic. It gives local (and national) information, based on the commercial (trade) name a generic drug is available in a specific country. Further it organizes drug knowledge by

Commercial drugs are always connected to their respective generic drug.

Dosage calculations

The easy way to perform dosage calculations is by using the dosage rules given at each commercial drug. In principle, the only thing you need is the body weight of the infant.

In addition, you may use the calculator by entering the appropriate values from the dosage specification of a generic drug.

An additonal feature of VIE-Nmed is its time-scheduling mechanism. VIE-Nmed has information about the main prescription times for drugs. It always tries to recommand a prescripton scheme which is close to the main prescription time.

The project team

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NeoFax: © 1994,1995, Thomas E.Young and O.Barry Mangum.
VIE-Nmed: © 1995, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna.

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