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Biographical Data

Ernst Buchberger holds a diploma in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology and a doctorate with a thesis on natural language generation. He is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Artifical Intelligence and Decision Support of the Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics, and Intelligent Systems at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, which he joined as a Research Assistant in 1981 (then Department of Med. Cybernetics of the University of Vienna). In 1984, he also joined the then newly founded Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI). From Sept. 1994 to April 1995, he was a guest researcher at the Institut f. Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (IMS) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. 

Professional Activities

In 1981 Ernst Buchberger was among the founding members of the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ÖGAI). He served as secretary general of this society for a number of years, and as president of ÖGAI from 2006 till 2019. In 1985 Ernst Buchberger was Austrian Representative in the COST 13 Concertation Committee of the EC. From 1985 to 1986 he acted as a Representative in the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI, formerly ECCAI). Since 1990 he has been a member of the board of the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, serving as vice-president from 1998 to 2010. From 1993 to 1998, Ernst Buchberger was the Austrian Representative in TC12 (Artificial Intelligence) of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). He is also a member of the editorial board of the journal Applied Artificial Intelligence and editor of the Schriftenreihe der ÖGAI. From 1996 to 1998, he was acting as site manager of the Austrian National Focal Point (NFP) in the EU sponsored EUROMAP initiative. 


Ernst Buchberger's research interests include various aspects of Natural Language Processing / Computational Linguistics (NLP / CL), with special emphasis on Natural Language Generation and Speech Synthesis. He has taken part in a number of national and international projects, among them VIE-LANG - A Natural Language Dialogue System, Datenbank-Dialog - A German Language Database Interface, AI-Based Systems and the Future of Language, Knowledge, and Responsibility in Professions, GIST - Generating Instructional Text, and Scientific Cooperation in the European Network on Language and Speech.  Recent research has been centering on using language technology methods to support language teaching and on extracting structured information from (medical) natural language texts.


Ernst Buchberger has taught numerous courses for computer science students, linguists and medical students at the Vienna University of Technology, at the University of Vienna, and at Medical University of Vienna. Apart from university courses, he has also given seminars on AI and Natural Language Processing for industrial participants.
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Talks and Publications

Ernst Buchberger has authored and co-authored more than 50 scientific papers on Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics. He also enjoys "getting out of the ivory tower" and presenting scientific ideas to a general audience, as can be seen in the following list of public talks, radio and tv interviews, and press coverage.


Ernst Buchberger
Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support, CeMSIIS
Medical University of Vienna
Waehringerstr. 25a, A-1090 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: (+43-1)40160-36317
Fax: (+43-1)40160-936300
Email: ernst dot buchberger at meduniwien dot ac dot at.

Private Interests

My private interests include languages, reading books from all epochs - from Gilgamesh to James Joyce - and some others, for which I usually do not find enough time :-).

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